Ridge Tiles
Dry ridge tile fixing system
Dry ridge tile fixing system

Marley_Crested_decorative_dry_fix_ridge_vent Marley_Half_round_dry_fix_ridge_vent
Crested ridge tiles
Marley do a range of crested ridge tiles. The crested ridges include a 4 hole ridge, 3 hole ridge, a cockscomb ridge tile and a fleur de lys:

Marley_4_hole_bullnose Marley_Three_hole_crested_ridge

Marley_Cocks_comb Marley_Fleur-de-lys
Marley ridge tiles
Here is a small selection of different Marley ridge tiles from their roofing range. The ridge tiles include fancy decorative ridge tiles, clay ridge tiles and concrete ridge tile fittings and accessories:

- A baby ridge and a hogs back ridge

Marley_Baby_ridge Marley_Hogs_back_ridge

- A roll top ridge tile and a modern block end ridge tile
Marley_Marley_Roll_top_ridge Marley_Modern_block_end_ridge
Ornate Ridge Tiles for sale : Thurlton : £100
16 x 2 Holed Club Ridge tiles. Good condition. See photos. 12inches/30cm long. Also small number of damaged ones to use for cuts.

2 x 3 Holed Club Ridge tiles. Good condition. Buyer to collect.




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162 Bangor Blue Slates + 6 Ridge Tiles : Newry : £140
165 Bangor Blue Slates (16Inch x 9Inch)

+ 6 Ridge Tiles


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